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Greetings! We are trying to raise funds to take a second documentary expedition through Europe to research puppetry. If you have appreciated the work of of THE ANADROMOUS LIFE & GRAVITY FROM ABOVE, this is your chance to show it. Small contributions and large are equally appreciated. International donations are encouraged. You can even send a check through the mail. AND WE HAVE EXTENDED OUR DEADLINE!! We are now LIVE with a new crowdfunding campaign through Hatchfund for our documentary GRAVITY FROM ABOVE. Until JANUARY 14th 2015 we are officially a tax deductible nonprofit organization! Click the link to learn more >>>>


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Well I know that this is more rightly a subject for my GRAVITY FROM ABOVE site. And I promise I will eventually get back to writing here on The Anadromous Life and continue the Sacred Cows series… once I’ve collected the funds to continue with our documentary film Gravity From Above… A very Anadromous project!

Meanwhile I want to make sure you Anadromous folks know that I really need your help too in fighting my way upstream to get this documentary made. Links to press and click around this page are legion. We are nearing $3,000 of a $15,000 goal. But why should you help?

First, Puppetry is one good way to fight against the virtual chaos of the present. If these essays (they aren’t blogs) mean anything to you then you understand the need for that. See my essay “Puppetry as Antidote Art”.

Next: You folks who come here for American Gothic ideas and inspirations… You should understand that this documentary does pretty much the same thing for European puppetry. Showing a strange disregarded world of oddly wonderful creaky imagery.

And hey it doesn’t take much effort or money to show support. is a secure site and relatively painless to use. AND it is a nonprofit organization. So if you itemize your taxes you should know that until December 18th This project is as tax deductible as Amnesty International or the Red Cross!

AND there are a few cool premiums you could claim if you give. A Micro-Guide to European Puppetry, An autographed DVD of my lecture with slides on European Puppetry as Antidote Art and you will get your name in the credits!

Also if anyone out there wants to get serious about this project you can make Matching Grants and and get credit as a Producer of sorts. (Contact me if you want to know more at reckoningmotions a t y a h o o dot c om.)

Finally if this site means anything to you give to GRAVITY FROM ABOVE to show your gratitude. If you don’t understand why it should be made then contribute so that I can show you.

I appreciate all of the folks who have dropped by these pages for one reason or another. But I know better than to expect the multitudes to give. It’s only you folks who actually care about these things and in seeing more intelligent discussion about ideas. That’s also what puppetry is about.


Someone Needs To Tell His Story! Guignol Puppet at the Gadagne Museum in Lyon from our 2012 Journey.

Meanwhile watch all of these videos. They are all different from each other, informative and even entertaining.

I place my hat down for you to throw in a few dollars. Please really consider helping us. Thanks….

Byrne Power

Haines, Alaska



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