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Looking Over The Ledge

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In the last few years I have been watching the development of many issues related to the strange cacophonous times we have been living through. I have made several videos on the subject that seem to have touched some nerves, in the best sense. This era has been a culmination of the redefinition of what it means to be human, which I discuss at length in my How We Got Here series. While people obsessively focus on the divisive politics of the era I have tried to keep my eyes on the end goal. Which is either going to be a strange Brave New World dystopia of the new humanity, supposedly defined individually to the nth degree, yet controlled completely by the vast technological forces that seek to control us today. Or it is going to be much more chaotic time filled with economic, environmental, technological, and social breakdowns, yet preserving some sense of humanity as it has been traditionally known. It’s hard to have a hope here. Maybe there is some middle ground where we will have less stressful breakdowns. Maybe the total redefinition and control will only affect certain areas but not others (California, but not Alaska). It is very hard to say. As Bob Dylan sang: “Don’t speak to soon because the wheel’s still in spin and there’s no telling who that it’s naming.”

Anyway I have been pondering these things in a variety of ways. I don’t expect agreement. But this is about discussion, not doctrinaire statements. I offer these ideas for those who are willing to work towards a human solution. Not a total solution. Which is ultimately totalitarian.

So here are the videos, do with them what you may.


Let’s start with a look at some of the root causes of the insanity of our times: The endless quest for Identity.

The reason we struggle with our identity is that we have lost any solid definition of what it means to be human. Instead we find ourselves simply inventing whatever we can conceive of. It proves to be very dangerous path to follow.

And having slipped onto this trail we find ourselves reinventing an older more dangerous religion, Gnosticism.

Meanwhile all of our knowledge is filtered through a haze of Propaganda. And so we are presented with images and statements and we simply react. (It says July 2020. It will certainly also be 2021.)

And finally we have to ask where we really are. Perhaps this is all a prelude to a New Dark Age.


Sobering thoughts indeed. But what did you want. Cheap false hopes? If you’ve made it this far you’re also, perhaps, willing to do what it takes to be courageous.

Thanks for spending some time with the Anadromous Life. And please do consider contributing to my strange once in a lifetime task. Here’s the link again. Click it and consider helping me out. I really want to wrap this up soon.

Byrne Power

Tbilisi Georgia

May 27th 2021