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Georgian Lessons Addendum #3: Music, Dance, Puppets and Culture


Jege from Chveneburebi

This will be the last Georgian Lessons Addendum! At least until I travel there again. And this time we’re playing it easy. This will be a compendium of the videos I’ve taken while I was there. So if you think about visiting Tbilisi yourself consider this a few breadcrumbs. There is music, dancing, puppets, wandering around the Tbilisi and spending time at the incredible bazaar/flea market at the Dry Bridge. To watch all of this would take a while. (The first two videos are also a half hour each come back to them after you’ve watched the shorter ones.) But nevertheless you know where they all are. It’s hard to believe that a year has nearly passed since I was there. There are lots of jewels buried in these videos.


Byrne Power

Haines, Alaska